COVID-19 compliance certificate.

Reopening FAQs: Here is what you need to know.

Are you making people wear face masks?
We are asking people to follow government guidelines. According to the government’s decision, the central obligation to wear a mask will end tomorrow and will be replaced by a recommendation to wear a mask indoors in crowded indoor spaces.

What happens if someone isn’t wearing a face mask?
We recommend to wear a face mask in shops and indoor shopping centres. We will continue to encourage all visitors to follow the guidelines.

Do we need to follow the 2 + 2 metre rule in the shopping centres?
From 31 May, the 2+2 restriction on movement in public indoor areas will be replaced by a dispersion requirement. The dispersion requirement means that strangers should maintain a reasonable distance from the point of view of virus transmission. The 50% maximum room occupancy requirement must always be taken into account when you are visiting shops and shopping centres.

Will there be a limit to how much time I can spend in the centre?
No limit will be applied to the amount of time you are able to spend in the centre.

Will you be temperature-checking shoppers and staff?
We are following government guidelines, which means that for the time being, we won’t be carrying out temperature checks on entry to our shopping centres. We encourage you to measure your own body temperature at our Safespots located near the centre’s entrances.

How do I get into the centre – has this changed?
Any local route changes will be communicated through our website, local traffic updates, and our social media channels.

Nautica shopping centre is open to all guests; however, access could be restricted if capacity is reached.

Do I have to queue for each store?
Due to the restrictions in capacity within the stores, queueing to enter a number of stores is possible. Please check the capacity at every store entrance.

Are all the toilets open?
Yes, the toilets remain open.

Will there be any changes to the lifts?
Access to the lifts will be subject to social distancing guidelines.

I can’t stand for long periods – what support is available to me in the centre and in the queue?
Selective seating will be available throughout the centre, and all seating will be subject to social distancing guidelines.

Food and drink

Will I be able to eat on-site?
Сafes and restaurants are open to the maximum occupancy of the place of food in 50%. There is no longer a limit on the number of participants in a group.