With the help of our visitors, Nautica supported the Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer


Nautica center’s year-end charity initiative helped to support the MTÜ Eesti Vähihaigete laste Liit ( Estonian Association of Parents of Cancer Patients) with more than 2,500 euros with help from our visitors – the amount of support was collected based on the number of visitors.

“Nautica Center is a center for the whole family with its shops, services, dining and entertainment options, and our desire was to direct charitable support to those who need it most. In families where a child suffers from a serious illness, not only small and brave patients need help, but also their good parents, whose faith, devotion and love work miracles,” said Teana Baškirtseva, head of the Nautica Center.

“As a mother, I know that there is nothing more difficult in life than seeing the ailments of a sick child, and if it is already a very serious and debilitating illness, then the parent must also receive support. The Association of Parents of Children with Cancer offers this kind of support to parents and families, and we are deeply grateful to our visiting members of the association for their sense of mission and selfless work,” added Teana.

In December, 262,000 visitors visited the Nautica center, with the help of which 2,620 euros were donated to the Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer.