Mighty Dragons at Nautica shopping centre


On September 15, Mighty Dragons, a free fantasy exhibition about dragons was opened at Nautica shopping centre. It showcases life-size exhibits of dragons and dragon riders along with their weapons and hunting equipment. The Estonian audience can visit the exhibition, developed in the Czech Republic, at Nautica centre for the first time until October 21.

The exhibition is fascinating and particularly exciting for the youngest family members. The magic associated with dragons is unlikely to leave any child unimpressed. Many of us also know this mythical creature thanks to the Chinese astrology, where it’s one of the twelve animal signs. Nautica shopping centre will host the snake-like creatures and their riders, as well as some skeletal parts for a little over a month. We’re happy to continuously offer our visitors new and interesting exhibitions, which will appeal to all family members, and make visiting the centre a more interesting experience.

The exhibition introduces the remains of life-size dragons, dragon riders, weapons, equipment, trophies and skeletons to the visitors.

Olga Allik, Director of Nautica, emphasizes that the necessary measures (contactless disinfectants and frequent cleaning of the surfaces) are still being implemented throughout the shopping centre to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff. Despite the difficult situation, we‘re convinced that we can provide a safe and clean environment where people can feel calm and comfortable while shopping and enjoying the experiences offered. 

The exhibition area can be visited free of charge by anyone.