Tradehouse’s 150-member team is excited to celebrate its upcoming 20th anniversary this May. For the past years our company saw a tremendous growth, and now the time is right to get a fresher look to fit the new us. Since we aim at expanding of the company to foreign markets, we needed a branding to stand out and to connect with the audience here and abroad. That is how Pretty Curious” came to be.

“Pretty curious beauty sceptics” is something that can be applied to the whole Tradehouse team as well as our customers, because, really, people nowadays are positively curious and do more extensive research before making a purchase. So, absolutely, we too in Tradehouse are the best sceptics of the products we offer to our customers. We strive for this by working together with our customers and by guiding them through this jungle of beauty brands, products, and ingredients to find the best solution.

Our homepage has a fresh new look, too. Quite frankly, we had been waiting for this moment for decades. Our new homepage is user-friendly and easy to navigate through thousands of products to find the one that’s just right. Notice the fresh design on our homepage with new eye-catching colours that match the mood of our new brand.

I have been asked many times why Tradehouse had opted for such a bright colour palette in its branding. Was it affected by my personal preferences? Absolutely! My all-time favourite is fuchsia pink lipstick – it’s something I will reach for again and again in my makeup bag. I believe that a neat black blazer and a fuchsia lipstick is a stylish match that works well in any situation.

The same is true for Tradehouse accent colours – they simply work! Life needs colour, be it bright or soft. Gray shades won’t work and become dull with time, but we don’t want this to happen! On the contrary, we are excited about all the colours that life has to offer.

One of the Tradehouse business partners reminded me of something I had once said in the past: “Tradehouse has way more to it than just cotton pads and Inebrya!” And that is so true!  The brand’s fresh new look will give a fantastic boost to our key concept – being the best partner to our retail customers and wholesale professionals.

I wish you all a colourful spring and let us be all pretty curious!


Tradehouse CEO