Repa – a new restaurant that positions itself as a Russian-style restaurant, where the dishes are as if made by loving grandmother!

Our vision is a very loving and homely restaurant where the dishes are simple, good and delicious. We place great emphasis on words such as: homely, rustic, simple, both in flavours and in the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.

We have also used various recyclable and natural materials in the interior of Repa, such as wooden euro pallets, stone and green grass. Many flowers, earthy tones and items in the interior design help to bring guests out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

As its ingredients, Restaurant Repa uses Estonian products which have been carefully selected by a professional team.

So, home is now just as far away as Nautica!

You can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere with quick home-cooked meals. If you miss breakfast, you will find freshly fried potatoes with a fried egg, marinated herring fillet and red onion in the Repa menu!