First DEICHMANN store in Estonia in shopping mall Nautica.

In a “rack” concept, the customer is not presented with single shoes arranged on the shelf by size.You no longer have to ask the sales assistant to get the shoe in a different size or color. The special feature of the “rack” concept is that shoes are on display not only in pairs, but also in boxes. This, originally, American store concept has become one of the main characteristics of the DEICHMANN Group’s stores.

Short purchasing cycles and continuous collection updates allow quick response to fashion trends, to bring popular styles into our shops quickly. Whether it’s the business-like style Borelli shoes, glamorous Catwalk high heels, classic 5th Avenue boots, or cool Agaxy kids sandals, we have the right shoe for every occasion and every fashion need. It is already a 1st Deichmann store in Estonia. We make the latest fashion accessible to everybody.

We don’t just want to sell great shoes at great prices; we also give our customers great service. We continuously educate our staff in our own training centres and keep tabs on the quality of our service. With the excellent training we offer, our staff are able to grow with the company and we can promote from within.