NAUTICA CENTRE 11.03–08.04.2020

GIANTS OF THE OCEANS is a fascinating and educative exhibition on the biggest creatures living in the Earth’s oceans and seas.

The free exhibition is a real treat for nature lovers of all ages, showcasing eight magnificent realistic and full size copies of the ocean giants accompanied by the National Geographic’s videos on their life, plus an extra collection of shark jaws, and samples of the giants’ voices.

Take a look at the short overview of the exhibits, and see the exhibition map below.


Sperm whale or cachalot

The world’s largest toothed animal

Basic information
Length: up to 28 m
Weight: up to 150 tonnes

Beluga whale or white whale

The beauty of the Arctic Ocean

Basic information
Length: 6 m
Weight: 1,600 kg

Killer whale

A versatile top predator, also called an orca

Basic information
Length: 9 m
Weight: 10 tonnes


One of the most remarkable cetaceans in the northern hemisphere, also popularly called “unicorn of the sea”

Basic information
Length: 6 m
Weight: 1,800 kg

Common bottlenose dolphin

A constantly smiling and extremely intelligent animal

Basic information
Length: up to 4 m
Weight: up to 650 kg

Great white shark

An ideal coastal predator living in most ocean waters

Basic information
Length: up to 7 m
Weight: over 3,500 kg

Great hammerhead

An aggressive hunter with a strange head

Basic information
Length: up to 6 m
Weight: up to 580 kg

Giant oceanic manta ray

The world’s largest ray species

Basic information
Length: 5 m, disc size up to 9 m
Weight: 1,350 kg

Collection of shark jaws and teeth

Exhibits from dozens of shark species from around the world, including:

  • tiger shark
  • bull shark
  • shortfin mako shark
  • great hammerhead
  • lemon shark
  • dusky shark
  • copper shark
  • whitetip reef shark
  • silvertip shark
  • great white shark
  • prehistoric shark megalodon

An interactive wall with the sounds of whales and sharks